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Love in a Time of War:

An Army Nurse's

Coming of Age Story


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Love in a Time of War:
An Army Nurse's Coming of Age Story

Twenty-one-year-old Louise Dietrich—like several of her fellow nursing school graduates—readily enlists in the U.S. Army Nursing Corps during World War II. She is proud to serve in the Allied war effort and excited to venture beyond the three-county rural Wisconsin area where she was raised. She is assured by army recruiters that nurses will be stationed in the relative safety of non-combat areas. And she has an intrinsic positive attitude that has already seen her through more than her share of adversities.


Louise embarks on an eye-opening journey—one we’re anxious to witness and understand. She experiences life to the fullest; she sees beauty and horror; and she meets men and women who love her, challenge her, and hurt her. The memorable people she encounters in the military share a bond that those stateside cannot begin to understand.


Love in a Time of War is loosely based on letters written by an army nurse to her sister during the war, with particulars drawn from the author’s imagination, accounts of others in the military, and various historians.




Leslyn Amthor Spinelli—writer, editor, and publisher of two childhood newspapers—put creative writing on the back burner when it came time to choose a “real” career. Her interest in the field of criminal justice took her on quite a journey. She earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology, but her most fascinating educational experiences occurred in the workplace.

Leslyn was employed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons as a case manager at a halfway house in Kansas City, at the prison camp in Leavenworth, and at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago. Later she was hired as a probation officer for the U.S. District Court in Madison, where she conducted in-depth investigations into the backgrounds of criminal defendants.

Throughout the years, Leslyn's clientele included mobsters, gangsters, drug dealers, meth cookers, tax evaders, bank robbers and embezzlers. Many were addicted—to drugs, alcohol, gambling or spending.

The fictional characters and plot lines in Leslyn’s four Caroline Spencer novels are influenced by her own occupational experiences and those of her husband Nick, a retired private investigator. Her recent stand-alone novel is a work of historical fictiom.


Leslyn and Nick live in the Minneapolis area and enjoy spending winters in San Diego. They have two grown children. 




Leslyn's newest novel, Love in a Time of War: An Army Nurse's Coming of Age Story, is currently available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Kobo, with other distributors in process. Hardcover, paperback, and epub versions are already for sale, and the large print version is coming soon. Ask your local bookseller or librarian to order copies!

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