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Taken for Granted

When former prosecutor Caroline Spencer answers a middle-of-the-night call for help from her friend Kate Daniels—a prominent medical researcher—she has no idea the toll it will take. Her seven-year-old daughter, her marriage, her professional relationships, and her sometimes-precarious emotional health are all jeopardized.


Taken by Surprise

Caroline and David Spencer believe they are prepared for the changes they’ve decided to make: their move from the suburbs to the city. Caroline’s new job as an assistant federal prosecutor. David’s more prominent role in child-care and his new business venture. But they aren’t prepared for the unthinkable. When a freak accident turns the Spencers’ world upside down, Caroline must rely on a cadre of helpmates—her mother-in-law, her best friend, and a tenacious private investigator—who each bring complications to the mix. 

Taken for a Fool

Two years after her husband’s accidental death, Caroline Spencer, a single mother of four, ventures into intimacy with her friend, private investigator Dominic Marquez. Obstacles immediately beset them. Caroline’s troubled, twelve-year-old daughter objects to the relationship. Work and family obligations limit their time together. Will Dominic let his mother’s mental health problems come between them? How will Caroline respond when her choices as a prosecutor run counter to Dominic’s interests? 


Taking My Chances

Assistant US Attorney Caroline Spencer, the widowed mother of four young children, is no stranger to professional and personal challenges. But her current case, seeking justice for two teenage sex trafficking victims—one dead and one emotionally damaged and left abandoned in a shabby motel room—is the most difficult she’s ever encountered. Who are these girls? Why is no one looking for them? Who is responsible for their victimization?


Throughout the investigation and subsequent trial, Caroline is confronted with personal choices about her relationships and her health that will significantly affect the lives of her and her children.


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